8 Reasons To Use WordPress in 2021

WordPress is being used in 34% of existing websites.

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Do you have a web project or venture in hand? Are you going to become a freelancer and want to have a web presence? Are you looking for the best software to sell your products? I will detail a list with the 8 most important reasons to use WordPress in 2021.

You only need to read the statistics to know that WordPress is the best option to launch your Web projects. As of May 2020, this CMS is being used in 34% of existing websites.

But just in case I will detail a list with the 8 most important reasons.

1. It is 100% free and open source


Yes, as you read in the title, WordPress is 100% free. There is no catch and no reduced functionality. You download it, install it and you have an excellent content management system with more than 10 years of evolution totally free.

In addition you have to keep in mind that WordPress runs on servers with LAMP technologies (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) so forget about paying expensive licenses and stuff.

And hey, all that you save you could reinvest in marketing, logo design or hire a good hosting.

As if that were not enough, WordPress is an open source software so you can see from the first to the last line of code to know what happens with your information at all times.

And if you know how to program, you can participate and contribute your improvements to the core of the application.

2. Install thousands of themes and plugins for free.

If you liked the previous point, wait until you read this one.

You have at your disposal more than 2,400 themes to give a touch of design to your business and more than 49,000 plugins so you can include different functionalities. All this at the click of a button and, as you would expect, totally free.

Of course, there are also large online marketplaces where you can find more themes or plugins but you will have to pay for them (but you also get an exclusive support service for any problems you may have).

And finally if you have enough budget you can create a specific theme to respect the Look&Feel of your brand or also create new plugins with customized functionalities to carry out your business.

3. It is flexible

WordPress was born as a blog manager but over time it has become a platform capable of supporting a wide range of digital solutions.

Its flexibility will allow you to create a simple landing pages, a Web with your company’s institutional data, a shopping cart with thousands of products and payment gateways, a blog where you can tell everything you know how to do or an interactive application capable of connecting to other servers through API-REST calls.

With the installation of some of the thousands of existing plugins or developing them to measure there will be no business or project that you cannot develop with this software.

4. It is very easy to use

From the configuration of the different options to uploading content, all WordPress interfaces are intuitive, easy to learn and use.

I can guarantee that both in blogs and YouTube videos you will find the most detailed explanation about any questions you have about its operation.

In addition, since a few years ago there is a team dedicated entirely to improve the usability and experience of the different interfaces.

They often launch surveys to analyze which functionalities can be improved or which of them have become obsolete over time.

5. It is secure


Despite being a constant target of attacks, WordPress is a very secure software. We can rest easy knowing that there are many developers around the world who will immediately report any security bugs so that others can make the necessary adjustments.

These fixes are often shipped with so-called “security updates” and since version 3.7 can be installed automatically.

This security will be reinforced if you host your website on a quality hosting or by installing extra plugins.

6. Improve your position in search engines with SEO

It is no news that Google loves websites developed with WordPress. This is due to the good work done by developers of themes and plugins like Yoast SEO or All In One SEO Pack to adapt to the specifications of this search engine.

So if you want to be present on the internet, which CMS are you going to use?

7. Multimedia support

WordPress allows you to add a large number of multimedia objects to your articles or pages: images, galleries, videos. But, since version 2.9, you can also insert a wide variety of so-called embeds.

What are embeds? They are simple links to external services that, when inserted in our writings, adopt a specific design so that the content can be consumed directly from our website.

8. Visible on any cell phone (Mobile First)

Cell phones are increasingly used to surf the Internet compared to desktop computers.

This demands that our projects have to be prepared to adapt to these devices: mobiles, tablets, desktop computers and why not also for higher resolutions such as Smart TV’s.

For our peace of mind there are thousands of themes, free and paid. That are already prepared to adapt according to the device from which it is consumed.

And as we also have access to your code we can create a “child theme” to apply the settings we deem necessary.


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