Instagram Marketing: Sales & brand awareness powerhouse

'Instagram has become a powerful tool for promoting brands and businesses, lifestyles and even bringing in sales.'

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Instagram Marketing: A sales & brand awareness powerhouse

Instagram has over 1 billion monthly active users. This is an enormous well to tap into it. The primary demographic is a 18-29 year olds, It’s gateway to the target market of the young. Give Instagram marketing a try for you brand.

Instagram is based on the fact that human are visually motivated creatures. A stunning face, an awesome landscape or a snappy suit and fabulous dress instantly stands out. All these cool things get etched in our brains much more easily compared to a string of words. A picture also instantaneously touches the emotions and moods.

For today’s young crowd Instagram is the place to be. They want to always to be see as “IG-worthy”. The young audience of today is all about the “I want it now” mentality with a big emphasis on convenience.

 Instagram has become a powerful tool for promoting brands and businesses, lifestyles and even bringing in sales.

What are the factors that have made Instagram a powerful marketing tool?

Instagram marketing brand awareness

70% of Instagram users say that they have gone on Instagram to look up a brand or product. If that significant chunk of the 1 billion users use this tool specifically for this purpose, no wonder that it has helped countless companies’ marketing stats and sales sky rocket!

Targeted marketing

Instagram is at the point Facebook was in 2006 has a predominantly younger user base compared to Facebook right now. In certain countries, it can also be observed that more users here tend to be in the upper social classes compared to the more encompassing user database of Facebook. So if it’s the younger crowd or the more elite crowd that your brand is targeting, Instagram is your go-to platform.

Shopping convenience

Instagram in shoppers digital dream. Instagram has a “Shop Now” button on company pages.  The sheer connivence of no longer having to physically visit the store is huge. Custom to change applications to buy limiting the risk of changing their minds, they can purchase items right there and then.

Use of hashtags

The use of hashtags has been a fun and engaging way to connect people to trends and movements by simply adding hashtags to their shared photos. By searching hashtags, you could also access an entire collection of similar or related photos posted.

The Influencer factor

Instagram has kickstarted a totally new profession: the social media influencer. These men and women have a lot of follower sometimes millions. These followers are loyal and listen to what that they have to say. Influencers can be great brand ambassadors. In exchange for cash they will review products and bring it to the spotlight for all their followers to see.

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