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The first absolute thing you should know about Adobe Illustrator is that you can use it to create vector graphics.

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As you probably know, vector graphics are very different from the raster graphics you normally create in Photoshop. It’s true that Photoshop has some limited vector capabilities, but it’s not close to what you can achieve in Adobe Illustrator.

Instead of being only individual static pixels, vector graphics are mathematically attracted to your computer. Therefore you can change them dramatically with absolutely zero loss of quality.

If you are commonly creating raster graphics for the web, there are a number of things that Illustrator simply does better than Photoshop. So getting to know both the applications and their strengths and weaknesses is a must.

If you have Adobe Creative Suite installed on your computer and have seen Illustrator sitting quietly asking to play with it, but have never taken a chance to work with it when the time came.

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a computer program. A vector graphics editor and therefore serves for editing and modifying this kind of images.

They are digital files where the different elements are formed by geometric objects, dependent on each other. With mathematical attributes according to their position, their shape or their color.

It is a software that allows the creation and modification of these images through a workspace called “art workshop” or “work table”.

In it, all the necessary tools appears through menus and other interface options. It presents the necessary tools to carry out the modifications of digital files.

Thanks to the characteristics of this kind of graphics, you can modify them as much as desired without losing quality.

In these cases, it would appear pixelated and even deformed, losing the original aspect displayed in its real size.

Adobe Illustrator, therefore, is extremely useful when developing any kind of graphic document that requires multiple modifications.

You can create the corporate image of a company, with its logo and different elements. And you can use those same original files for printing on a card at the same time as on the facade of a skyscraper.

The mathematical attributes of each object would guarantee that any modification would scrupulously respect its shape, position and color. You can represent them in any size in the same way as the original.

This is the key to avoid deformations that other types of formats used to create and save images suffer. That is why Illustrator is the perfect ally when creating any graphic that you need to reproduce in different ways and in different areas or that you need to modify repeatedly.

Adobe Systems

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Systems, the company that developed this powerful program, conceived it from its launch in 1986. As a development capable of serving the artistic creation of digital drawing and painting.

As well as a tool in the creation of all kinds of graphic designs. Being also surely the most important application to carry out these tasks.

You can use the documents you obtain through this software for printing, video, web page publications or mobile device applications. The extension of its files, .ai, is practically an industry standard.

Currently, Adobe Illustrator is part of the family of Adobe Creative Cloud and is one of the essential tools in design studios responsible for both more artistic and abstract works such as corporate images or application design and graphics.

In addition, although it is commonly known by this name, it is distributed through various forms. From the most traditional, the standard and individual version, to being part of company packages such as Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium and Standard Version, Adobe Creative Suite Web Premium, Adobe Creative Suite Production Studio Premium and Adobe Creative Suite Master Collection.

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