Facebook Marketing Predictions 2020

'The growth of Facebook in the coming years can be attributed to its continuing dominance over the digital sector. Despite a decline in ads, they are still expected to bring in sales in the multi-billions.'

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Facebook Marketing Predictions 2020: A Step Ahead of the Market

2019 has been an exciting year for the digital world and surely, 2020 is to bring a whole lot more to the table. Despite new players coming into the market, social media giant Facebook still has a huge share of the pie. Given this, it only makes sense to invest and strategize accordingly. To optimize the use of this platform for any business, here are the top Facebook marketing predictions for 2020.

The growth of Facebook in the coming years can be attributed to its continuing dominance over the digital sector. Despite a decline in ads, they are still expected to bring in sales in the multi-billions.

The evolution of “stories”

Facebook stories was not a unique concept when it arrived on the platform. They originally created for a different social media site, Snapchat. But tables have turned and currently, it’s the former dominating the market. And Facebook execs have noticed the trend and are reshaping the purpose of stories altogether.

The message: stories are a great new way to get your customers to engage. It enables brands to create visually stimulating content without the need to develop something complicated. Stories are a new way to entice users to interact with your page and provide a different kind of data: in a form of reactions, polls or replies to a specific story.

Another upside to stories is that it’s optimized for mobile usage rather than a desktop. Apart from this, what makes users love stories is that it only lasts 24 hours, unlike most posts that are on the internet forever. It provides a sense of privacy as well as demand creation due to the limited time frame.

Even more mobile adaptation

From horizontal to vertical, more and more consumers are preferring the use of their mobile phones over the usual desktop or tablet when browsing Facebook. The portrait view comes naturally, instead of having to tilt your phone to widen the screen.

Mobile adaptation is considered to become a big factor and is one of the anticipated Facebook marketing predictions for 2020. More and more brands are making their pages and content ‘mobile-friendly’ to ensure optimal user experience. Even photo and video content these days have the option concerning a mobile-friendly layout for better viewing.

In addition to this, mobile developers are also creating better and more powerful smartphones. And the assumption is that people will have less tendency to switch from one gadget to another if their mobile phone can do most tasks seamlessly.

Facebook live

A feature open to all users, Facebook live has grown massively in the past year. Organic content delivered in real-time is what consumers are going crazy for. The main reason for this is that it gives the user a sense of power and the ability to easily relate and immediately interact with whoever is sharing their feed.

It’s expected that this type of media will only grow further in the coming year given that brands are veering away from traditional media and ads. Also, the live component provides a certain level of authenticity that pre-produced media cannot deliver.

Facebook spaces

Another interesting prediction for Facebook in 2020 is the development of Facebook spaces. It’s basically the digital counterpart of meeting rooms and get-togethers. The 90’s version would be chat rooms and forums. It basically functions in the same manner, but with a lot more trendy and useful features.

With augmented reality (AR) becoming a huge development in the digital sector, expect that Facebook spaces would have an AR component to make the experience much more realistic.

For marketers and ad execs, this would be a great medium to deliver a unique customer experience. It can be a great venue for virtual shopping for a variety of items: from apparel to houseware, to cars and even food. It’s definitely something businesses should look forward to.

Facebook marketing predictions 2020 Afterword

Technology has provided a lot of huge opportunities for both big businesses and startups alike. Social media marketing has become a huge game-changer. These Facebook marketing predictions 2020 are just to prove that there are more ways to engage your target market and convert that consideration into a sale.

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