Graphic Design Trends for 2020

'So what are the trends that are coming up for the year 2020? It is time to look at how things are evolving in the graphic design world'

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Digital trends

Graphic design trends happen like a whirlwind most of the time. As fast as it appears, it can also disappear at any moment. That is why it is important to always be on the lookout for what is going to happen in the future, especially if you are a player in a certain industry.

The digital world is one example of how fast the turnover can be in terms of various trends. As technology advances, fads appear and re-appear from time to time. Digital trends happen and expand more and more quickly because of the Web that makes information available to most people across the globe.

The trendy nature of graphic design trends

One trend that evolves quickly is graphic design. The use of texts and images to combine and come up with an artful piece to be used for certain purposes should be based on the current market trends. For this reason, designers should take a close look at what these trends would be for the coming year.

Arts and design, as we can see, are also evolving. People will always want to see something that is updated, something that is in and trendy. Whether the design is used for advertisement, banners of blogs and websites, packaging, printed, and digital reading materials, among others, the designer has to bear in mind that it should always attract people to become customers. In some cases, design alone can do the sales talk. It is the first thing they see and judge.

So what are the trends that are coming up for the year 2020? It is time to look at how things are evolving in the graphic design world, and be ready to come up with your new sets of designs to offer to your customers.

Bigger, Bolder Fonts

If you have started seeing designs with extra-large fonts, hold on, because they are going to flourish next year. This kind of tactic aims to get more attention by showing off what exactly people need to see. Simpler fonts are also being chosen to make the boldface appear more emphasised.

Simpler, Minimalist Pages

To complement the use of bolder fonts, designers use cleaner pages and backgrounds. Minimalism has been a trend for some time now. This type of design helps designers put on details in a less crowded place, and makes it more viewable. This helps direct people to the information that they need without really going over the entire place. People scan pages as quickly as they can, so minimalism can help them get the information without spending so much time. Designs with so many details can bore viewers.

More 3-D Animation

Nowadays, texts and pictures alone are no longer enough. Animation has become a part of graphic design and it is going to boom for the coming years. The development of different software that aids designers in creating animation only makes things easier. Animation also draws more audience because people prefer to look at things that are moving rather than plain texts.

Saturated colours

The trend to use minimalist background and bolder fonts is complemented with the use of less vibrant colours. Gone are the days when designs were heavily laden with loud colours. For next year, the rule is to make things simpler. Using saturated colours in design actually helps in emphasising details, especially fonts and pictures that bear more important information in the overall design.

Moving Shapes and Lines

In line with animation, designers will continue taking advantage of using shapes and lines in a more innovative way. Movement adds life to the design, and will continue to spark interest in the viewer’s eyes. It can also help achieve a more natural look on the design of an entire piece.

More natural overall look

The use of the previously mentioned elements is drawn to this last item. The trend for 2020 is achieving a design that is more natural to view. Natural designs look more authentic. That is why the use of saturated colour, minimalist backgrounds, animation and moving lines, as well as simpler fonts, harmonise each other in bringing up this look.

Going with the flow

Art is radical and s o are the graphic design trends that follow it.. And so changes happen unpredictably, but certain pattern can be seen as time goes by. What is in, for now, may not be tomorrow, as we all know. However, what is more important is to be able to adapt to the current flow of events happening around. Always be on the go to look for future trends or better yet, create your own trend.

If you are a freelance graphic designer, learn new skills and learn more. It pays to have a talent, but it pays more to know how to put that talent to more productive use. That way, you establish a better set of a portfolio that you can use to attract more clients in the future.

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