18 SEO Tricks For Google In 2021

Google has warned that they make more than 500 changes every year to their algorithm.

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Sometimes people ask me for Google tricks in 2021. Here I will give you 18 SEO Tricks For Google In 2021.

Google has warned that they make more than 500 changes every year to their algorithm.

That’s why what was valid 1 or 2 years ago to appear in Google, is not valid now, and only makes us disappear from Google. Hence the importance of leaving SEO in the hands of professionals.

These 18 “commandments” to be the first in Google are not theories. But tricks that have worked and are the result of experience with the positioning of our clients.

I will try to explain it with a simple language, but if something is not understood, you have the comments, to leave your questions.

SEO Tricks For Google

SEO Tricks For Google

1.- Write original content, interesting and that can be spread: manuals, info-graphics, compilations quoting many people (they will spread it on social networks)…

If you make a good content, people will link to it for free 🙂

2.- Make a landing page for each keyword (search for one or several words) for which you want to be #1 in Google. Thus, you will have a page within your site for each search in which you want to be the first.

3.- If the content is copied and pasted from another website, Google’s Panda algorithm will penalize you and remove you from the rankings. Scrapping (massive copying from other websites and pasting it on yours) is dead thanks to Google Panda.

It used to work, but it doesn’t anymore.

4.- Avoid duplicate content within your website: to see if you have duplicate content check the HTML improvements proposed by Google Webmasters Tools, where you will see duplicate titles and urls.

Also do Google searches by putting in the Google box: site:yourweb.com keyword.

This way you can find duplicate content. This is fixed by redirecting all duplicate content with a 301 redirect or with the rel=”canonical” tag.

SEO Tricks For Google

SEO Tricks For Google

5.- Sometimes the content of the web with and without www is duplicated.

To detect it, search in Google: site:yourweb.com inurl:www and compare it with site:yourweb.com -inurl:www. Then do a 301 redirect.

6.- Minimum of 500 words per article. Ideally 1,500 per article: large articles rank better than small ones.

7.- Put links to your profiles in social networks, mainly Facebook and Twitter.

And then share on social networks the contents of your website, because this is increasingly valued by Google.

8.- Include YouTube videos with the title optimized for your keywords.

9.- Frequently update the content: new content or old content that has just been updated will appear higher in Google.

10.- Link from your article to relevant websites on the topic: with nofollow, so as not to lose positioning.

SEO Tricks For Google

SEO Tricks For Google

11.- Optimize the landing pages. The density of the keyword in the text must be less than 3%.

The keyword must appear in the first h1 (titles within the post), at the beginning of the title (HTML title of the page), in the alt tag of the images, in the first sentence of the text and in the last one.

12.- Take special care of the title and description, because it is the only thing people see of your website when they are searching in Google. If they are attractive, people will click on them.

And if your CTR is high (if people usually click more on your website than on the others), Google will move you up positions. Because it deduces that your website is the most interesting.

13.- Put nofollow in the external links, unless you are interested in positioning those pages. For example, put nofollow on links to social networks.

The big websites (Wikipedia, Facebook, Twitter) have all external links with nofollow and they rank quite well.

14.- Check from time to time Google Wembaster Tools and optimize again what already positions well.

So that it is placed 1st in Google what is on the first page: check the alt images, the titles, the bold, if there is a youtube video, the external links, if you are publishing it in social networks, expand and update the article, etc.

The same in Google Analytics with the urls that receive more organic traffic (Acquisition > Organic > urls).

SEO Tricks For Google

SEO Tricks For Google

15.- Position better the EMD domain (exact match domain), that is, if the domain exactly matches the keyword. The EMD are not dead yet… although many say the opposite.

16.- TLD (domain ending): the ideal is .com. Although if you are looking for results in a country, for example in Spain, the .es ranks higher than the .com in Spain. Although it will be below the .com outside Spain.

17.- Check your robots.txt file, so that it does not block important urls. Make sure that the sitemap.xml is sent to Google Webmaster Tools. Make sure that the whole website is correctly indexed by Google.

18.- Have a mobile version of your website, preferably with responsive design, because having a version for mobile and another for computer can cause duplicate content problems.

If you have a mobile version and you are searched from a cell phone, you will appear higher in searches than other websites without a mobile version.


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