New Year’s Resolution for Students: A Guide to Realistic

'Whatever this year may have brought you, what's left to be optimistic about is that you have another year ahead, and you need to be hopeful that the best is yet to come. You can be the best version of yourself, change your old habits and move forward to your goals.'

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Realistic new year’s resolution for students

New Year is fast approaching so its perfect timing to talk about new year’s resolution for students Most of us will find ourselves in a quandary thinking of a number of things to write down as resolutions. Life may have been well and successful for those who achieved what they committed to do the other year. Others, however, may be discouraged for not doing so.

Whatever this year may have brought you, what remains to be optimistic about is that you have another year ahead, and you need to be hopeful that the best is yet to come. You can be the best version of yourself, change your old habits and move forward to your goals.

Self reflection first new year’s resolution for students

If you are a student, one area you long to improve on is your studies. In order to do so, careful consideration of your current situation is very important. One cannot plan ahead without looking at how things worked in the past. Self-reflection is very important.

Ask yourself, “Why do I want to improve in this area?” or “Why do I want to grow?” If you have learned to answer questions like these, you would find yourself more ready to commit to a plan of action of what you want or do not want to do in the future. Always remember that having a resolution is more than just a fad. It is a firm decision you need to have because you desire to improve and grow as a person in the coming year.

Strength & weaknesses

When self-reflection is done, you will see what your weaknesses and strengths had been. From there, you can start evaluating why. Analyze why certain things did not work out. For example, if you got a general weighted average lower than what you set yourself to achieve, find out the real reasons. List them down one by one. Do not miss out a single thing no matter how ugly they may seem.

If you have written your strength to be like, “can easily grasp the lessons”, do not omit your weakness even if it says something like, “distracted by social media most of the time.” That is perfectly fine. For an evaluation to be considered effective, honesty is the key ingredient. Be honest with yourself. Do not deny your own weaknesses because you will only find yourself rationalizing over and over again, and that would not help you improve in your studies.

Opportunities & Threats

After an honest evaluation, you can move to identify opportunities and threats. Now, that sounds more challenging, right? But do not back out. Your strengths and weaknesses can actually become your source of inspiration to do better next time. Use them to complement each other. Identify an opportunity and ask yourself this question, “What am I best suited for?”

It will help you explore areas in your life where you can invest and build on. One example could be an available scholarship for students who would get a higher general weighted average. It is one thing that can motivate you to do better. Once you realize that there is a bigger space that you can take advantage of, consider that as an opportunity. Do not miss it. Hold that grip.

But of course, always be wary of the fact that success would not come at an instant. As mentioned earlier, you have to identify the threats as well. What are the things that may possibly hinder you to reach your goal? How serious these threats are? One cannot just dismiss the idea that there are numerous things that can probably render us ineffective. Some of them, we have already encountered in the past, so we need to take note of what these things are.

Red flag threat: finance

We need to face them head-on. One example could be a “lack of financial support.” Now, that is one serious threat because if you do not have the means to support your studies, you would not make it. However, threats will not hurt us if we use them to our advantage. You can use the scholarship opportunity that you identified as your way to combat the threat of a financial crisis. In order to do that, you have to use your strength to excel in your academic standing and work on your weaknesses so that it will not impede your goals.

Decide what’s important

When considering new year’s resolution for students we though long and hard about what you would get out if this article. It is important then that you should embark on a serious navigation before you create resolutions. Sometimes, the reason why we fail to do things that we are supposed to do is that we never really understood what exactly we have to do and why we have to do it in the first place. Otherwise, we will just end up experiencing failures one after another until we become discouraged and indifferent about our situation.

Do not allow that to happen. There are far greater things people could accomplish if only they would get serious about their decision to grow as a person, especially in their studies. After all, we cannot risk living in this world lacking in education.

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