Tips For Selecting The Best Captions For Instagram

Many users make the mistake of underestimating the power of a good caption and even neglect or even leave this space blank when making a post, after all, Instagram is an exclusively visual platform, right?

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We’ve rounded up The Best Captions For Instagram. We will give you some tips to help you select the best one for your post.

Many users make the mistake of underestimating the power of a good caption and even neglect or even leave this space blank when making a post, after all, Instagram is an exclusively visual platform, right?

Of course not! While photos and videos are the main ingredient of any post, photo captions will be determinant in the way your audience responds, and can even play a huge role in your account’s potential to attract more followers on Instagram.

And for sure this situation will be familiar to you: you have a great idea for a photo or video, you try your best to take it the way you can to make your Instagram post look perfect, but the time comes to upload it and you draw a blank thinking about what to put in your caption.

That’s why we’ve gathered some phrases for Instagram and we’ll give you some tips that will help you select the best caption for your post.


How to choose a phrase for Instagram?

Best Captions For Instagram

Although it is always good to write original descriptions for your photos, it is also advisable to rely on phrases that help you convey your message more effectively.

At the end of the day it’s about choosing one that goes according to what you want to communicate and there are different things you can take into account to do so:

The ‘mood’ of your publication:

This depends entirely on the type of account you manage, the type of post you want to make or simply your tastes.

There are many ways to convey a message, maybe you want to do it in a funny way, so a joke with a double meaning could be the perfect phrase.

Or maybe you prefer to motivate your followers, in which case, why not use an inspirational phrase?

And there are many styles for this, you can make choose a phrase that makes your caption funny, cute, irreverent.

Don’t be afraid to use sayings

Sayings are popular sayings that we all grew up with and although we may not use them, they are always in our mind, which makes that when we hear them we perfectly understand their meaning and associate it with a particular situation or what we are seeing in the Instagram photo or video in this case.

Using sayings will help you show yourself more accessible to your followers.

  • “The early bird catches the worm.”
  • “After the storm comes the calm”.

A phrase from your favorite writer

If there’s anyone who knows phrases, it’s a writer. Maybe the perfect phrase for your post is in your favorite book and, if it’s a popular book, this can make other users instantly recognize it and respond to this phrase in a positive way.

The advantage of this is that they can be as complex or as simple as you prefer.

  • “Ok? Ok.”. “What is essential is invisible to the eye.” – The Little Prince.
  • “All that is gold does not glitter, nor do all wandering people go astray.” – Lord of the Rings.
  • “How wonderful it is that no one needs a single moment before he begins to make the world better.” – The Diary of Anne Frank.
  • “Not all who wander are lost.” – The Hobbit

The lyrics of a song

Like sayings and book phrases, song phrases are loaded with meaning far beyond the words and there are about any subject matter and genre you can imagine.

Perhaps paying attention to the songs in your favorite playlist on Spotify can help you come up with the perfect caption for your photo.

Your favorite movies

Best Captions For Instagram

Movies and series can also be an excellent source of phrases for your Instagram captions.

Think about those words that are left rattling around in your head for days, even months or years after walking out in the theater watching one of your favorite movies.

  • “Without you today’s emotions would just be the dead wrappers of yesterday’s.” – Amelie (2001)
  • “Don’t think you are. You know you are.” – The Matrix (1999)
  • “To infinity and beyond” – Toy Story (1995)
  • “So many things lost. But all that was lost can be found again” – Pan’s Labyrinth (2007).
  • “Hakuna Matata: it’s how you have to live” – The Lion King (1995).

These are just a few of the thousands of phrases you can find in film, music and literature that can be perfect for your Instagram captions.

Go ahead and find even more phrases and use them creatively to connect more effectively with your Instagram followers.

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