Go freelance Using Instagram Our Ten Top Tips

Even if you have a job now, you do not know if you still have it tomorrow or in the future.

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10 Reasons to Go Freelance Using Instagram

Go freelance using Instagram  the time is now! Instagram is one most popular social media platforms. That is why it is not surprising that many advertisers, businesses, and marketers take its opportunity to boost sales and generate leads with the help of this platform.

Because of its great help in advertising and marketing, you as a freelancer can use this platform to attract prospect clients and earn money. Why Do You Need Social Media to Attract Customers?

Social Media Inspires You to Learn More Skills

People are conscious about the way they present themselves to the world. Therefore, if you want to impress your prospect clients, you know that you need to learn more skills.

Most Freelancing Jobs Are Unstable

There are numerous perks of being a freelancer. However, if you choose this path as your career, you should know that jobs here are unstable. Some clients can fire you anytime, not to mention the scammers who do not pay.

Even if you have a job now, you do not know if you still have it tomorrow or in the future.

You Compete With Freelancers Worldwide

Freelancing is a growing economy. Because of its advantages, many people would opt to leave their 9 to 5 jobs to pursue a freelancing career. It happens not only in your country but also worldwide.

Most of the time, if you apply for a job, you are not only competing with the professionals in your country, you are also competing with applicants worldwide.

Your Resume is Not Enough to Go Freelance

Before the Internet comes into the picture, you can already get a job with a cover letter and a resume. Now that everything is almost digital, you have to catch up to these changes.

A resume is handy, but it is not enough. Many employers nowadays ask the applicants’ social media profile link, including Instagram, to get to know them better.

You Do Not Have to Search for a Job at All

If you have a good profile and portfolio to showcase, you do not have to search for a job at all. Recruiters will find you and offer you the job you want.

Go freelance using Instagram and get a Competitive Advantage

Recruiters nowadays do not solely rely on your resume to get to know you. They also use Google and social media to look for perfect candidates.

Social Media Proves What Kind of Person You Are

You can say anything that you want to say in a resume. You can say that you are optimistic, hard-working, or punctual. However, social media provide proof of your claims.

Go Freelance For a Chance to Land a Job

If the client sees your profile, it means that you spark his or her interest. It makes you a potential candidate for a job.

The Clients Will Get to Know You as a Person

In a resume, you can list your work experiences, education, achievements, and interests, but it does not allow you to be creative. By using social media, you can post anything that will describe you who you are as a person.

Social Media Platforms are More Interactive

With social media, you can update your profile easily. All that you need to do is click some buttons, write a few sentences, and update your posts.

When you go freelance, you will enjoy tons of benefits. You do not have to worry about what people will think about your outfit. You do not have to waste money on gas or commute. However, to be successful in this field, you need to learn how to generate leads and attract clients on social media like Instagram.

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