Instagram Marketing Predictions for 2020: The Top 4

'By 2020, social media use among the population will increase a lot. Two years ago, it was estimated that about a million users sign up for social media each day. Most of the growth for the coming year is expected to come from the third world and developing countries'

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Top 4 Instagram Marketing Predictions for 2020

2019 has been a booming success for the digital world and with the year coming to an end. There are a lot of opportunities to grow in the digital world. However, this article will be discussing Instagram marketing predictions for 2020:

1. Continued growth in social media use

By 2020, social media use among the population will increase hugely. Two years ago, experts said that about a million users signed up for social media each day. Most of the growth for the coming year is expected to come from the third world and developing countries. To be more specific, it would be communities that are just learning about the wonders of the Internet and the digital era.

Instagram, will have the biggest growth in the coming year. Most of it is attributed to the older and mature people of the market. The main reason for this is that the platform is geared towards a specific lifestyle trend that is more appealing and relatable to a mature audience. This audience also comprises of those that have purchasing power.

With this, it also follows that brands would move to focus their marketing efforts on Instagram versus other social media platforms.

2. Social media as a reliable tool in product discovery

For the better part of the last 5 to 10 years, people have used Google and other search engines. This is very true when it comes to product inquiries and discoveries. If someone wants to find a reliable review of a product, the automatic response would be to Google it. But nowadays, this behavior is shifting.

With the birth of the influencer (more on that later) people are moving towards social media sites when looking for a reliable and authentic review before they even consider a purchase. Instagram will lead to this revolution given the fact that the platform is friendlier towards niche markets. Also, with the recent development of IGTV, users can watch an in-depth review without having to switch from one app to another.

3.Instagram Marketing Predictions for 2020: IGTV interactions

Users love videos! Users devour videos like food – provided that the content is spot on. The growth potential of video has not yet reached its peak.

One of the top Instagram marketing predictions for 2020 is that there will be a spike in users engaging in IGTV. For users on the go and who rely heavily on their mobile gadgets, video is the most effective medium to consume content. Whether stuck in traffic, waiting in line or just passing time, people are more likely to watch something than to read.

Though IGTV creates lengthier videos wherein you can upload more than an hour’s worth of content. It is still not advisable to do so. Even with users engaging in more video content, brands should be careful not to overdo it.

Due to the influx of engagement in videos, more and more brands are moving towards this type of content. Video will saturate the market soon. The best strategy is to make content relevant, fun, precise and engaging for your target market.

4. Influencer culture

Gone are the days when people relied on polished and perfect endorsements. Nowadays, people are moving towards real reviews and no-nonsense feedback on products they are interested in buying. This is why influencer culture is stronger than ever.

Instagram has definitely played a huge role in the development of influencers in the past few years. It will continue to do so in 2020. They attract high engagement from users and are able to extract crucial information from users without having to resort to other advertising tactics.

People know Instagram well for its use of hashtags. In 2020 influencers will gain more traction with new and existing users within the platform in the coming year.

Brand building in social media has been an exciting one this 2019. It will certainly become more competitive and creative this year. With more than 200 Million users within the platform, these Instagram marketing predictions 2020 are a crucial point to consider for big and small businesses alike.


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