Digital Marketing Programming Languages: The Top 5

'These programming courses will transform you into a full stack marketing legend!'

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Digital Marketing Programming Languages

Digital marketing programming languages you say? Why should a digital marketer need to know any programming language? Most times when someone thinks of marketing, their mind dreams up images of glitzy ad campaigns, punchy tag-lines and sexy models donning Instagram & Facebook ads. Well I have news for you, the profession of digital marketing goes much deeper than that. Behind every ad campaign there is a lot of data to analyze.

Marketing is very data driven and knowing how to code is really useful.  Knowing a programming language can make working with Google Analytics and Google Adwords go much smoother and make them more customizable.  Knowing some of the following language will surely give you an edge over the competition. Read on to find out what will add a worthy string to your digital bow.

1. JavaScript

First up for digital marketing programming languages to know is Javascript. This is a scripting language for web pages and considered one of the most important languages for web development. Along with html and CSS, javascript is implemented by most web browsers hence why it’s so important! The importance of Javascript just keeps on coming, its most notable attribute is that it makes web pages super interactive. Use it to create responsive interfaces that improve functionality and overall user experience. It can boost the speed of web pages minimizing the time needed to wait for the server.

2. SQL

Technically SQL is considered a query language rather than a programming one. It is not intended for web development but it’s actually used for interacting with the database of an application. Basically you use SQL if you want to find specific types of data in a huge mixed directory of data. It is highly recommend to to know SQL if you are looking for any kind of job where Data would be involved. Data driven marketers take it from us and learn SQL!

3. Python

Python is one of the most popular programming languages for just about everything online. If you are looking to get into computer science or programming this is a great language to start with. A good reason to start with Python is that it’s quite easy to learn and its syntax and structure is relatively simple and readable. Python is used for data analysis, data sets, web applications, mobile apps and more! All of these factors confirm that it’s a no brainer for the modern digital marketer to know Python.

4. PHP

PHP is easy to learn and great for working with data. This means it’s the perfect choice for content management systems and web development in general. PHP collaborates very well with WordPress and anything that is a good match with one of the most popular CMS platform out there must be a gem! Also if you want communicate with severs, PHP is definitely one you should learn, self hosting WordPress users take note of that. PHP has an added bonus if you are a digital marketing agency hosting your clients websites, PHP will help you manage it all efficiently.

5. Java

Java is arguably the most popular and useful programming language that exists today. It’s famous for good a reason, it brings many advantages to those that master it. It’s exceptional for working with mobile applications for iOS and Android. The mobile factor is very crucial attribute with today’s always on the go lifestyle. Last but not least many consider Java a language that has universal usage. Along with mobile it is reliable enough to code desktop and large scale applications.

What next?

Now that you’re more familiar with what is considered the best digital marketing programming languages, there is only one thing to do, study them!! You are in the right place, we have courses than can get you up to speed and achieve. These programming courses will transform you into a full stack marketing legend! Check out some of our A to Z programming courses in the link below.

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