11 Tips To Motivate Students In My Online Course

Having motivated students is an essential condition for your course to be a success.

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Being a teacher is not an easy task. We all know that. Continue reading to know about our 11 Tips To Motivate Students In My Online Course.

Being an online teacher may seem easier due to the particularities and advantages of this type of training. However, it can be somewhat more complicated to motivate students in an online course than in a face-to-face one. This due to the feedback you receive from them.

Creating a digital course is a simple option if you are a trainer, but if your students are demotivated, the teacher also generates losses.

First of all, users who currently want to train online are adults with very different needs and interests than young people or children who are in a regulated and standardized classroom environment.

The student who opts for online training wants informal learning that meets his expectations, taking into account his time constraints, family burdens, etc.

They tend to interact more with the rest of their classmates and with the teacher, so you should take into account these tips to improve interaction in your online course.

Secondly, in online learning it is easier to drop out without consequences. The adult pays with training requirements that if they are not met, there are no punishments, reproaches or prejudices of any kind.

Motivate the students

Tips To Motivate Students

That is why it is so important to motivate the students of an online course. So that from the first moment they receive their enrollment in the course, they enjoy an acquisition of knowledge and skills tailored to their needs, dynamic and participatory.

If you are a teacher or online trainer you will have found that even though a student decides they are interested in the course you have proposed and pays for it, the student does not show up or is not interested in the content you show them.

Motivating a student is essential, that’s why we give you some tips to have delighted student who are predisposed to absorb all your potential as a teacher.

Our 11 Tips To Motivate Students:

1. Use the surprise factor.

Make a game, a dynamic or make them watch a video. Try to keep them in the dark about what is going to happen in today’s class to build their anticipation and interest.

2. Become a student.

Before showing what you know to the audience, put yourself in their shoes.

Any online course you sign up for will offer you ideas that you can implement in your course, and will also help you weed out other ideas.

Even once created, make your own course and give feedback on it.

3. Bring them closer to their daily lives.

If students don’t see real benefits in their lives, you won’t motivate them. All training should be designed so that students learn things that they can then put into practice in their real lives.

4. Match the course content to the interests and age of your students.

Sports, music, politics, cinema, etc. Give examples with topics they know well.

5. Try not to be monotonous.

The contents of the course should be varied, and the organization and structure of the class should be changeable so as not to bore. Try to include novel and topical elements.

Tips To Motivate Students

6. Yield the power.

Let the students be the ones who “create” the class for a day is an excellent idea to make learning more enjoyable and productive.

7. Communicate.

Just because it is an online course does not mean that there are no human beings behind the screen. Live classes are an excellent training option because they eliminate the feeling of loneliness of the student. And you should always be there to offer the support they need.

8. Don’t give importance to the evaluation.

This avoids anxiety, competition among students and the feeling that they have an exam after another.

9. Spread your motivation.

If you are not motivated, it will be difficult for your students to be motivated. Show that you are interested in what you are teaching.

10. Don’t forget the technical details.

Not only the platform you use to teach must fit your needs and those of your students, it must be easy to use without technical knowledge and have a pleasant environment; as a teacher you also have to take care of aspects such as lighting, clothing, camera, gestures, etc.

11. Celebrate the completion of the online course.

Although not in its strictest sense, let your students know that their learning is over, with a certificate of participation, with a list of those who completed the course, etc.

If you want to motivate your students these are some challenges to overcome. And if you need help to put it into practice, we inform you that creating collaborative blogs, encouraging the exchange of information in forums or communities, working in social networks, creating attractive presentations, etc. are excellent options that you can use.

And as always, if you need a platform for this, vTutor is, as always, at your disposal. It is always good to have some Tips To Motivate Students

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