Mastering Microsoft Excel: Why You Need It

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Presently, mastery of Microsoft Excel is an important and helpful skill. Saving more time and increasing the company’s productivity is the main draw. Some companies even encourage their employees to take further training to explore other features that may answer their needs.

Some people say that familiarising its features and commands is bothersome. It might be quite a challenge. But with patience it can be convenient and perfect solution for time consuming computations on your reports.

Just a click of a button, you can even choose an organisation style that can make your report look more interesting and easily understandable. Avoiding hassles caused by misunderstanding of concepts and revisions on your work.

Here are some reasons on why you need to master the Microsoft Excel:

Financial Data Storage and Accessibility

It gives accessibility to a huge amount of your financial data anytime you need it. An excel spreadsheet can hold a huge amount of data. All this info is crammed into a little file only lager than a few megabytes.

Easy differentiation of information

It has graphing capabilities for even large quantity of information. It can turn an ordinary dull spreadsheet into an attractive graphical display. This allows you to easily identify trends and patterns.

Summaries any data with Microsoft Excel

Dynamic Analysis of huge amounts of data like sales, project status reports and invoices. Take a quick look below at what else it can handle in terms of data:

  • strong filtering features.
  • Sort out any data easily
  • Search tools that can immediately identify related criteria to aid in your analysis.
  • Perform variance analysis, chi-square testing, and chart complex data.


One of the struggles in making a report is finding the data you need and linking it with your file. Excel has this answered. It even allows you to work on a certain spreadsheet simultaneously with you associates.

You may also link your worksheets and charts to other programs like Microsoft PowerPoint, and Word. This function enables the team to use teamwork in dealing with substantial amount of data.

It is also a web-based function so even if you are working from different timelines it is still convenient.


The Microsoft Excel is now downloadable in your mobile phones and tablets. You can now easily bring it to your workplace, meetings, at home and even during your vacations. There is no longer a need for a big stack of folders for presentations and meeting with potential clients.

Other Fields that Use Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a convenient tool used in a lot of fields not only in business industry. Here are some of them:


Teachers use the Excel as a teaching aid and assessment tool. The charts, table styles, data tools, shapes, and formulas help teach basic and logical mathematical concepts.

Recording, computing, and analysing test results and scores become easier.

2. Goal Setting and Planning

All fields follow a certain set of goals. Thus Deciding which plans are suitable for another business year can take up time and lots of paper. With this you can easily adjust data and plans to get the results you desire.

3. Housewives & House husbands

One of the most difficult and challenging tasks of a housewife or house husband is managing the daily house expenses. Basically, they are making their own monthly expenses report. If a stay-at-home Mom or Dad would be able to learn to use Excel, it will be easier to plot, create, analyse, and manage their expenses.

4. Personal Development

Daily life needs good management skills for you to be successful. If you are a student, you will need it to help you make comprehensible reports on your class. It can also help you design and plan your daily life including expenses and time management.

The world is about to face another revolution in the industries in 2020, so being someone with mastery on Microsoft Excel will be given a priority. Not including its uses in your daily life.

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